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Workflow, Process
& Data Optimization

Your time and your energy are incredibly valuable! In fact they are the two most valuable resources you have. And so often you feel like both are being stolen from you, doing things you don't want to be doing. Instead of feeling joy in your business, getting free time with your family and feeling like you're rocking it, you feel stuck, trapped under piles of endless paperwork and waves of constant emails!

It can be so hard to know where to start to clear a path to success! But I can help! As a small business owner, a marketer and a planner, I'll help you identify your very best workflows and turn them into repeatable, sustainable, automated processes. You'll be able to save time, focus on what you love, deliver the same great experience to every client and cut the overwhelm from your business!

Get the unfun things off your to do list!

Don't keep wasting your valuable time on the all the things in your business that don't bring the most value!

Analytics & Insights

Step 1: Start off on the right foot and get your data in order. Analytics and insights for your business come in many forms - web data for your website traffic, sales data, survey data and so much more! All of this data is vital to informed, data driven, decision making and setting up efficient processes requires having accurate, consistent and easy to understand reporting.

Proper analytics and insights reports are easy and actionable! I'll make sure you don't have to waste time wondering or digging through incomprehensible numbers!

All Analytics & Insights packages include two consultations, before and after to determine your goals and optimize your set-up and an action plan to help you continue managing your data!

Web Traffic Data Reporting - $995

Are you looking to understand your website data and have ongoing insights into your web traffic? You will get: - Two consultations to determine your goals and optimize your set-up - An audit & optimization of your Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager to collect visitor data, website goal performance, etc. - An action plan to help you continue managing your data ​$995 Add-On: Custom Data Studio Report $500

Cost & Income Data Organization & Reporting - $995

Do you struggle with your cash flow data and keeping track of your incomes and expenses?

You will get:
- Two consultations. To discuss your goals and business needs and to overview and train you on your reporting
​- An audit and optimization of your income and expense collection process


Local SEO Audit & Action Plan - $995

Appearing in Google search results is one of the best ways to share your business with potential clients, drive them to your website and grow your business! But it's so, incredibly confusing to know what you've done right and what you haven't and how to get yourself on those first pages when your ideal client searches. Not only will I review where you are now, but I'll provide you an easy to follow checklist with instructions on how to improve your rankings. You will get: - Two consultations. To discuss your goals and business needs and to discuss your action plan going forward. - An SEO audit of your business. - An easy to follow action plan with clear steps on how to proceed. $995

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Simplify and Automate your to-do list!

Organize your processes into simple, easy to manage to-do lists and automate your workflows to take the stress out of your business!

Business Process & Workflow Improvement

Step 2: Organize your business processes and workflows to make them easy to manage! It's hard to know what to do next when the list seems endless and confusing. We can work together and create easy to follow actionable plans for all your business needs.

Once the to-do lists are create, we can use the appropriate tools to automate time consuming parts of the process to save you energy, make sure every part of your business process is consistent and keep you organized.

Every package will include two consultations to audit your current process and business goals and optimize your processes and a checklist action plan with clear, categorized tasks!

Process/Workflow Consultation & Action Plan - $995

If you're overwhelmed with the business part of your business and need help setting up easy to follow processes! You get:
- Up to five consultation meetings to discuss your business, your current processes and your difficulties and to craft an updated process and workflow plan to help save you time - A targetted, easy to use plan for how to implement your new processes and workflows with tools you already have or plan to purchase


17hats Consultation & Action Plan - $750 or $500 as add-on to Process Audit

Whether you have​ an existing 17hats account or are starting a new account, this service will provide actionable steps to make sure you're using your 17hats CRM/Project Management software to it's fullest! This service is intended if you already have a pretty consistent process, but need help implementing it in 17hats. You get:
- Two consutlation: before to identify process and goals and after to go over 17hats set-up, make adjustments and answer questions - A comprehensive list tailored to your business of 17hats elements to create and how they work together

$750 or
$500 if add-on to Process Audit

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Create a consistent customer experience!

Offer each and every client the same experience with a consistent workflow and automated processes.

Customer Experience Optimization

Your customers make your business, and serving them well is a priority for every business owner. So let's standardize the experience, create easy to follow plans, and make sure every client is treated like the start that they are from start to finish.

By having a process that is organized and clear you can make sure that nothing falls through the cracks and each and every customer has the same, beautifully crafted experience!

Every package includes a consultation to determine your goals and a checklist action plan with clear, categorized tasks.

Email Audit & Action Plan - $495

Struggling with how often to sent emails? How to set-up follow-ups. How to standardize your email communications to make sure every client gets a similar experience? Let's create a plan!
You get: - Two consultations to determine your email goals - Work together to create templates you can adjust to your voice to fit your business needs - Action plan how to implement and automate your emails to save time and create consistency for every client $495

17hats Client Touch-point Consultation & Action Plan - $495

Want to set up your 17hats to automate all lead forms, emails, questionnaires, quotes and contracts to make sure each and every client touch point is predictable and automated?

* Does not include a contract for your business. Please consult with an attorney for all legal documents. Once you have a contract, we can add it to your 17hats and implement using it with your clients.
You get:
- Two consultation to determine your goals and client process and craft your touchpoints to work for your business - Complete, easy to use action plan with training on how to implement your touchpoints step by step


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